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Topic: First cue for film...

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    First cue for film...

    Hey everyone, Heres a little short cue I wrote for my brothers senior year video final. It was a star wars lightsaber battle so he wanted me to write something that sounded like what John Williams had done for Star Wars. I'm not too thrilled with how the brass turned out but it was the best i could do at this point. He MADE SURE I threw in the Force theme so his class would pay attention to the video so I got alittle carried away with it. Just a note, if you've heard my other work on here before, you'd know that this genre is NOT my forte.


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    Re: First cue for film...

    Hi, n3wman918

    Nice! Your brother is certainly fortunate to have you helping him out so well on his video project.

    I think you succeeded extremely well! What don't you like about the brass?--something beyond the usual problems of making GPO brass punchy enough? What you've done with the Brass sounds pretty good to me.

    I think it's great - Thanks for letting us take a listen.

    Randy B.

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    Re: First cue for film...

    Thanks for taking a listen! I feel much more relieved now to be quite honest since this certainly isn't a normal composition for me.

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    Re: First cue for film...

    Hello n3wman918,

    I agree with Randy... . You did a great job!

    If you want the brass sound much bigger, so use the same brass instruments multiple, but detune them for example to -3 and then detune your miditrack +3 and edit the notes timing in any instrument, so that they all are different in timing. An extreme example for this I have posted yesterday here into the Listeningroom. (German March)

    Can you send me the midifile?


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: First cue for film...

    Sounds great. I’m sure it worked well with video.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: First cue for film...

    I can see swinging light sabers and two advisaries dancing around trying to subdue each other. Nice job. I think that you achieved what you were trying to do.

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    Re: First cue for film...


    Great writing and production! I am sure that it went well with the video. And your brother must be proud of the work you did for him.



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    Re: First cue for film...


    Really great film cue. I liked the mix very much.

    Ready for more any time, n3wman918.


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    Re: First cue for film...

    really good! Much enjoyed listening to this! I always find it hard to write action music, so found this most helpful actually! I take it this was recorded from notation software?
    Getting GPO brass sounding just right is something I always find difficult. I tend to import into a daw and then apply various FX until i get closer to reality!
    again, very nice!

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    Re: First cue for film...

    n3wman918, it'd be interesting to see this with the video;
    see how it goes together. You mention this genre isn't
    quite your forte; but I'd say you did a fine job of it!



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