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Topic: Logic. A viable alternative?

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    Logic. A viable alternative?

    I was recently considering a Gigastudio setup and wondered if Logic was a viable alternative for me. Rather than buying a Windows computer, I\'d like to get another Mac with Logic (complete with audio/midi interface) and run it digitally into my Pro Tools HD rig. In the beggining, it would be used to run many instances of their native sampler and synths, specifically streaming libraries. Down the road, having Logic would give me a world of options in the production aspects of the software as a supplement for Pro Tools. I\'m not the type that would need 4 Giga computer with all banks loaded all the time, so this Logic setup seems like it would be a more substantial production tool than getting a Giga (for me). Plus, I like the idea of sticking to one platform. It just makes things a little more streamlined.
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. In addition, any ideas about how best to set it up would be even more appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Logic. A viable alternative?

    We all want everything to run on one machine, believe me! And you can do a lot with one Mac. But the caveat is that if you need to expand, you have to buy another Mac and another copy of Logic. Some of the libraries are bigger than one machine can really handle comfortably.

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    Re: Logic. A viable alternative?

    Logic Pro will give you a lot of tools. Better check that out. If you\'re a student you can get the whole toolbox for academic price of $500.


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    Re: Logic. A viable alternative?

    I have to agree with Marty. The current pricing for Logic and all the added plug ins is about 20 -25% of what the same package would have cost you a month ago. Certainly the best deal in computer music at the moment.
    Academic pricing or not.


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    Re: Logic. A viable alternative?


    Are you aware you can run Protools hardware within Logic?
    I use Logic in both DAE and ASIO mode, so I can use the PT hardware at the same time and run softsynths etc. on the Asio card.
    Even better still, with HD and the new Logic Pro you can run the ESB and HD module which will allow you to play the EXS24 and other native plugins on PT hardware. The integration is really quite good, and you can also use all the TDM plugins in Logic.
    Since TDM does its buffering on the card, the latency is very low.
    Although the EXS24 won\'t totally replace GS, the diskstreaming is very good; I run around 55 instances on my dual 1ghz machine, a lot of those with GS instruments.

    Worth considering...



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