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Topic: Studio Moniters

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    Studio Moniters

    I am looking to get some new hardware and one of the new pieces i would like to get is a good set of studio moniters.

    As of now i have just computer speakers that are about six years old.

    My question is can i get some recomendations on brands models etc. What I should be looking for in Moniters.

    I'm using cubase and GPO and i want to get as accurate sound/mix from the speakers. I appreciate your feedback and help!

    - Cameron Heidrick
    Heidrickster Media

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    Re: Studio Moniters

    What's your budget?

    For what it's worth, I use Mackie HR824. They serve me well.


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    Re: Studio Moniters

    from cheap and nice I can recommend Alesis M1 Active Mk2, quite reliable and good for budget home studio.

    twice as expensive are Adam A7, you can also add subwoofer to them.

    both are active

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    Re: Studio Moniters

    hey great thanks guys my budget is... small. actually i'd like to stay under 500
    - Cameron Heidrick
    Heidrickster Media

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