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Topic: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

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    Question GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi, everyone. Can anyone tell me whether or not the GPO Harpsichord has release samples (that unique sound the harpsichord makes when the key is released)?

    Those release samples are so important to the sound of a "real" harpsichord, and I THOUGHT that when I played the GPO harpsichord (over a year ago, on my old G4), I heard them.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi, dcollett

    Do you mean that you've played the Harpsichord recently and Not heard that sound of the string being released? It sounds to me like the GPO Harpsichord does indeed have the sound you're talking about, and it seems like it must be a separate release sample - I don't know how else they would get it in the programming, but I can't say for certain that's the way they did it.

    But - when I play that GPO instrument, it sounds very natural to me, that mechanical release sound included.

    Don't you have a way of testing it out again for yourself?

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Just load the harpichord into the Kontakt 2 Sampler and look at the edit mode where you can see all samples are used for this instrument.

    Oops, I can`t see releasesamples there, but this harpichord sounds very great without them! GPO is optimized for Computers with less ram...., and they did a very good job by doing this.

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi David,
    I played it with the old K1 Kontakt player and there are no release samples. I could have sworn I remember hearing them along time ago when I auditioned the GPO harpsichord. I agree, the release sound is a very important part of any harpsichord sound.

    It's good to see you on the forum David.

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi, Randy, Gunther, & Dan.

    Thanks for replying about this. Yes, the release sound I'm hoping that the sample has is the "noise" of the damper stopping the string vibration.

    Gunther, I'm using Kontakt Player 2.x for GPO. I loaded the GPO Harpsichord and played it, but I don't hear any release sound at all. DP Dan tried it also and heard no release sound.

    If you ARE hearing a distictive release for every key, something must be wrong with my library or settings.

    If you have time, would you be kind enough to record just a few notes or chords so I can hear the release? Then I can immediately tell if this is what I'm trying to get.

    On a related note (I think), I know that many of the GPO library sounds were updated a year or more ago. Although I THINK that I installed all the updates, how can I tell if I have the latest versions of all the sounds?

    Thanks very much. I hope all of you can figure out whether or not the harpsichord has these distinctive release samples, and, if so, why I can't hear them!


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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    David, as Günther said: there are no release samples in the GPO harpsichord; neither the KP1 nor the KP2 version, the only difference between these being the location of the keyswitches.

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi, Nickie. Thanks very much for clarifying this for me.

    I HOPE that in the next version of GPO, Gary will add release samples.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi, Tom. Thanks very much for your help and suggestions. I have a few follow-up questions about the information you gave me:

    1. Is he harpsicord you are referring to the Martin Bezemer
    Eindhoven Holland 1981

    The MyOrgan engine that you refer to is Windows only. I am using Mac OS X.

    According to the Crumhorn Labs site, their Hauptwerk 2.x engine will load all their organ, harpsichord, and clavichord samples.

    What is your opinion about Hauptwerk 2.x? Is it an AU (so that I can use it from within DP)?

    Thanks again for your help and advice.


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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    David, if you happen to own Kontakt 2 (AU) (not the Player), you can buy some fine and very inexpensive harpsichords with release samples from SampleTekk (Harpsichord & PMI Historic keyboards).

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord Release Samples?

    Hi, Nickie.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have GPO but not the full Kontakt player. Do you (or anyone reading this) have MOTU's MachFive sampler? From what I can tell, it will load all (most?) Kontakt samples, so if I were to purchase a sampler, I would consider MachFive.

    What is your opinion?



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