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Topic: instructions for kontakt 2 player

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    instructions for kontakt 2 player

    I have just started to use the Garritan Personal Orchestra programme.
    I have also downloaded the Kontakt 2 player.
    The manual describes how to use the GPO player, but not the Konkakt 2 player.
    Is there a manual that explains how to use the K2 player that I could download from the Internet?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Jim Wilson

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    Welcome Jim.

    The Kontakt 2 player is very similar to Kontakt 2. There are probably a few guides out there on Kontakt (Player) 2. I even started writing a few articles on the wiki about Kontakt Player 2, but they are far from completion. Kontakt Player 2 is still relatively new, so give it some time before you start seeing complete guides on it.

    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    CJ - I tried again to get more info on KP2 by looking through the Wiki. But I keep getting into a continuous loop - clicking the subject I want to see, and just getting deposited back at the menu of choices. I'm not seeing anything in the way of tutes or instructions - ?


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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    The wiki is still fairly new and still needs a good bit of content. I'm currently trying to add on all of the tutorials from garritan.com on using GPO with each of the different third-party products (Sibelius, Finale, Sonar, Cubase, etc.). If somebody wants to do articles on Kontakt Player 2 and Kontakt 2, be my guest. It's an open method to those that want to share their knowledge on the subject of Garritan products and software that can use Garritan products.

    If you know only know a little bit on Kontakt Player 2, add it on. That little bit could help someone else out.
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    Thank you, CJ - I understand better now. I thought perhaps the various posts about KP2 had been gathered together and become Wikis, since the instructions still seem to be scattered hither and yon.

    For now, there are many members here Much more qualified to offer tutes on KP2 since I haven't even upgraded yet! I have The Strad which uses an earlier version of KP2, and I've been trying to unravel some of the mysteries of it all for some users here - and I've had some success, but am in No way expert enough to write a tute.

    Thanks again.

    Randy B.

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    There is definately a need for user created articles. Last I checked, there are 87 wanted pages on the wiki. They range from items such as Installing software to Native Instruments Kontakt Player 2 Updates to articles on individual instruments to articles on Gary Garritan and Tom Hopkins. Even if you only know a little bit on any of the subjects in the wanted pages list, I recommend that you log into the wiki and post on the article what you know on the subject. Even the smallest amount of knowledge is better than no knowledge at all.

    I've placed links in my signature to the wiki and various lists on the wiki. If you want to see the wanted pages list I'm talking about, click the "Pages we need on the wiki" link in my signature below to view the list.
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    Very encouraging, CJ - Thank you.

    Great to have the additional Wiki links in your sig - you'll keep them there for awhile I hope.

    Of course the only worry is if misinformation ends up in the Wiki. I know that incorrect info is a constant thing to be on the alert about when relying on anything found on the web, but with the intention of this being the definitive Garritan Wiki - one hopes that perhaps Gary, Tom Hopkins, and the rest of the Garritan creative team could comb through the articles once in awhile to check on the veracity of what's posted.

    Seems like I must know a few things that could be helpful. You've encouraged me to participate when I feel confident about my submissions. Thanks.

    Randy B.

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player

    In the case of misinformation, I keep an eye out every hour or two to check the latest edits to the wiki using the Recent Changes page on it:


    That page shows me the latest edits to the wiki and can prove useful when combing for misinformation. If any users cause problems to the wiki such as vandalizing pages, the users can be blocked and the pages can be protected (if needed). Quite a complete system from the administration stand-point. It makes me even question the decision at the beginning of the development of the wiki to force login (you only need to enter username and password to register, though ).

    Over the past couple of hours, I've probed the depths of the MediaWiki software even deeper and found out some rather curious and useful things, such as the ability for me to place small messages at the top of the page.

    And, for those that are curious on the wiki and want to see a few statistics of how much work has gone into it at this point:


    Anyways, Randy, as a small method of getting yourself used to the wiki, I'd recommend trying out the Editing tutorial which will give you an idea of how to create an article on the wiki.

    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player


    Wiki Rules!

    YOU Rule!

    WEeeeEEeeeeee rule! BWAhAHAHAHahahahahahaa!

    ---whatever possessed me just now, I have no idea. --I guess it was just Wikimania.

    Randy B.

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    Re: instructions for kontakt 2 player


    In the latest update, there should be a GPO PDF manual included. It would be in the documents folder. In the manual are instructions on using the Kontakt 2 Player.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to ionclude this chapter also in the WIKI.


    Gary Garritan

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