I already have some desktop PCs lying around that i ahve been tweaking to run Gigastudio and other softsynths well, and I was thinking of making one of them a dedicated box for live use, to be controlled by a Digital Piano.

Then i realized that I'm getting a new convertible Tablet PC in the fall, and it will actually have a faster processer (1.6-2ghz) than any of my desktops (1-1.3 Ghz), at least in terms of the listed speed, and so i thought that perhaps i coudl make the Tablet PC my gigastudio box as well, since i'm planning on buying an external audio interface anyway. My problem is i don't know if its doable--are there any (strange?) issues that might be peculiar to running GS on a convertible tablet rather than on a regular laptop? What should i look for hardware wise in purchasing a tablet for this purpose? I'm also a bit confused about reports that suggest using an external hard drive AND an external sound card--don't most latops only have 1 firewire port?

The idea is that i'd like to be able to switch from composing to doing my other school work (in a variety of subjects, including mathematics which is what the tablet functionality is for) all on the same comptuer while at the library, then at the music faculty recording a vocal track in a practice room, then cart the computer to my teacher's house, etc.
and *also* be able to use the laptop for live performances with very low latency. Certainly I'd only have cubase/gs/other vsts installed on the OS and run everything else (ms office, etc.) in a virtual machine, but I imagine there could be all kinds of issues that i can't predict, so I'm hoping you can all tell me if i'm crazy! lol.