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Topic: very basic question

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    very basic question

    I\'m using a gigasampler 64. Had it for years, no problems. Now I\'m simply trying to import a CD of wavs and make one wav play on each key chromatically. I can\'t get it to work. Sorry if this is too basic a question, but I\'ve tried and failed many times just don\'t know how. Please help.

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    Re: very basic question

    You got to get to know the editor a bit.
    First of all, put the waves on your hard drive someplace to speed things up. YOu can put them into folders in groups of 60 or 88 or whatever range of the keyboard you want to use. Make sure they are indeed 16 bit standard waves. (multimedia 22k wont work for example)

    Open the Editor
    Create a new instrument (File New)
    Drag the folders of waves from the desktop directly to the wave pool window (lower left side of editor. Has a default samples folder)
    Run the wizard tool (little pointy wizard hat button)
    Follow the steps, set the note range, set it to every half step. For now, set it to ignor unity notes. In another step you should check the stereo checkbox if the waves are stereo. On that page with the dimensions and stereo check box, you can just ignore everything else and hit next with this simple mapping. On the last page of the wizard tool, you need to select a folder and then select the white space to the right and you will see the folder name in that space. That means you are mapping that folder of samples accross the keyboard. Hit the finish button. You should see the samples of that folder mapped chromatically accross the keyboard. Each sample will play at its natural pitch since we ignored unity notes. Then you have to save the whole thing to disk and hit the load button to hear it. Thats a down and dirty explanation.
    You can repeat this with any other folders of samples you have. You will need to get familiar with the editor and unity notes to do more advanced mapping. If you ever get serious into designing instruments, be sure and upgrade to GigaStudio and check out our tutorial GigaStudio Mastery.

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    Re: very basic question

    Dave, thanks so much. Seems it was the unity note checkbox giving me such a headache. Many many thanks for bothering to answer what must seem an inane question but I was truly stuck.That one bit of information was the key. At last I can sleep!!!!Cheers,

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