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Topic: Herb Pomeroy

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    Herb Pomeroy

    Along with Max Roach, Jazz also lost another leading light: trumpeter and educator Herb Pomeroy.

    If you want to hear some great melodic improvising with no shortage of soul, find a copy of Serge Chaloff's Boston Blow-Up with Serge on baritone and Pomeroy on trumpet.

    I have the original vinyl and about wore it out in my youth.

    Herb was a great performer, bandleader, and educator, mostly at MIT and Berklee IIRC.

    Not a good couple days for jazz

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
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    Re: Herb Pomeroy

    I studied "line writing" with Herb, and played in some of his ensambles at Berklee back in the early 60s. He was very influentual at Berklee and was the cutting edge of modern jazz at that school. He left a big mark on me and probably all his students. I'm glad I knew him.

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