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Topic: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

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    Post What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Ok, I've been working on this piece on and off while I was working on other projects but, I finally finished it. This was sorta an experimental piece. I don't have JABB yet so, I improvised, using various DAW'S and sound libraries. I wanted to try something new, so this is a switch from the orchestrial compositions I have been working on. I wanted something...different sounding, so I decided to try my hand at a more "alternative" approach. What I ended up with has several subgnere elements, Blues, Jazz, Rock etc. So, I decided to classify this as a hybrid because I had no clue what gnere it fit. Below are the instruments, libraries and DAW'S I used.


    Band in a Box
    Fruity Loops Studio Producer 7
    Acid Pro 6.0


    Zelmjak Overture


    French Horn-GPO
    TRupet-Zelmjak Overture
    Tremolo Strings-GPO
    Jazz Slap Bass-Fruity Loops
    Oberheim Pads-Roland
    Blues Guitar-Fruity Loops Slayer
    Cymbals-GPO, BIB, Fruity Loops
    Drums-Fruity Loops Drum Kick, DrumSynth Live, BIB
    Distorted Rock Guitar-Fruity Loops Slayer, Fruity Loops Blood Overdrive
    Tubular Bells-GPO

    Here is the link, hope you enjoy it


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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Boy, talk about mix and match. You sure have a lot of stuff in this. It think it sounds good. It might be a little overdone as far as arrangement goes but it is an interesting listen. Thanks for posting. -Jay

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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Well this really works for me I must say.

    You have taken a hackneyed piece for which there must be more variations than any other piece of music known to man, beast or vegetable and have created a really original sound with your own interpretation.

    Well done.

    I really appreciate the fact that you have listed all the sound sources too. It is quite helpful.

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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Wow, Shaver - This is a truly original rendition of what some people claim is the oldest recorded melody in history -! "Greensleeves" of course, but apparently there are versions even before it became that English folk song. "What Child Is This" is a much later Christian usurping of the "pagan" song.

    In this thickly produced, eclectic arrangement, it's as if all the traditions behind the song are existing simultaneously - and what a great effect that makes. The Tubular Bells suggest some flavor of the Christian version, but much of the arrangement's texture emphasize the minor key and feel, more like the pre-Christian song, and the Jazz/Rock elements give it a drive which I think is unique to re-workings of the song.

    It sounds wild and free - I like it very much!

    Randy B.

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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Shaver, I'm with Alan on this one... you've got a Chinese menu
    of influences going on in this -- and it works like a fine clock;
    taking a melody that, frankly, bores the spit out of me, and
    turning it into a dynamic, powerful rendition.

    Great job on this!



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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Hmmmm...heavy metal Christmas music. You certainly included everything including the kitchen sink in this one.



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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    Wow, thanks everyone for all your kind comments! This piece was really just an experiment for me to try to do something "different" sounding. I was sorta hesitant on doing an arrangment on this particular piece simply because it has been redone so many times and pretty much run into the ground. But, I'm certainally glad those of you have listened, you have liked what you heard.

    I'm definately glad to be part of this forum and community because I have learned so much valuable information from everyone here. You guys rock!

    Thanks for all the support!

    Jaker "Shaver"

    "If you play a wrong note timidly, it is still a wrong note. If you play a wrong note with authority, it is imporvisation."

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    Re: What child is this-Hybrid/Blues, Jazz, Rock

    I went to the iTunes store and listened to some of the 150 versions of Greensleeves.

    I think your version was quite refreshing. Not exploitative like many of them sounded.

    I also like Jeff Beck's version for it's simple honesty.


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