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Topic: Latest sounds for GPO?

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    Question Latest sounds for GPO?

    Hi everyone.

    I purchased GPO 1.x over a year ago and installed it on my dinosaur G4. I just purchased a Mac Pro, and 2 days ago I reinstalled GPO on it. I did all the updates that I could find to GPO and Kontakt Player 2.x.

    I know that in at least one of these updates, some (all?) of the sounds for GPO Library were updated.

    Could someone here please tell me how I can tell if, in fact, my GPO Library has all the latest sounds?



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    Re: Latest sounds for GPO?

    Quote Originally Posted by dcollett
    ...I know that in at least one of these updates, some (all?) of the sounds for GPO Library were updated.

    ...huh...really? as far as i know, the updates concerned only the programming and did not contain new samplematerial.

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    Re: Latest sounds for GPO?

    Hi, gigalove. Thanks for replying.

    The Oct. 2005 GPO Update's PDF guide (21 pages) states at the beginning:

    "For the Update we have added new instruments, features, and extended some of the previous capabilities. The library remains easy to use for the beginner but now adds many features that will aid the advanced user in more detailed work. Instruments load by default to perform as they have in the past but new (sometimes hidden) features are now available when needed. Some of the new features take advantage of recent Native Instruments’ advances in the player architecture. Others are the result of suggestions by users. Here’s a quick overview of many of the new features:

    “Full Strings” instruments
    Aggressive short bow strings
    Aggressive brass instruments
    Advanced keyswitched instruments
    • “Length” control parameter
    • Solo winds vibrato control
    • Advanced portamento control
    • “Playable” single key tremolos and trills in solo strings
    • “Playable” single key rolls in percussion
    • Tonal variation control in pipe organ instruments
    • Extended vibraphone controls", etc.

    On page 18 of the PDF, there is an Addendum #1 that states the changes to individual instruments.

    My question is this: How do I tell (from the name and/or size and/or date of my GPO Library files) whether or not I have the latest versions?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Latest sounds for GPO?

    I think you have given yourself the answer there! The 'old' GPO didn't have 'full strings', the 'new' one does. If when you pull the drop down instruments you can see 'full strings' then you have the latest version.

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    Re: Latest sounds for GPO?

    ....ah...yep...now I know what you mean.
    you can indeed see, if your library is updated, when the kontakt-player shows a length-control knob (the initial gpo version didnt have that). so the library-updates are like the player-updates available via native instruments (its in one file, the player and library update).
    also the is new kontakt2-player update, havn't tried that yet, so I can't comment the k2-updates....

    good luck!

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    Re: Latest sounds for GPO?

    Where do I find this update document?
    Where can I find this update?

    I am pretty sure I am missing these features.

    I got GPO in May 2005, and I haven't updated it since.
    Mostly because the NI site won't recognize my login details anymore.

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