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Topic: setting up keyboard

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    Cool setting up keyboard

    Hi, I use fruity loops fto run my GPO and a and a casio keyboard as a controller. I have it running just fine but i can't figure out how to set it up so that i can use the mod wheel. I dont know if i set it up in the keyboard of in the program or both.

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    Re: setting up keyboard

    Well I don't know what Casio keys you have, but you might want to check the manual to see if it transmits and receives midi controller info - specifically Control Change #1 (which is the Mod Wheel). After that, check FL to see if it is set up to accept incoming CC messages.
    Have you tried using GPO in another host with the modwheel? You might also ask in the Garritan forums.

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    Re: setting up keyboard

    i bought the keyboard used and it didn't come with a manual. I'll mess around with it. Thanks =)

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    Re: setting up keyboard

    Try CASIO SUPPORT for the manual and MIDI implementation

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