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Topic: Bug in Cubasesx3?

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    Question Bug in Cubasesx3?

    I'm new to CubaseSX3 and I'm starting to get around quite well.
    But several times already I have this strange phenomenon.
    When I playback, some of the notes at bar 2 sound strange, starting not when they should, ending not when they should. All the other bars are ok.
    When I check the beginnings, endings and length of these notes, everything is exactly as it should be, yet it doesn't sound like it... The strange thing is that it doesn't happen in every track, just in one track
    When I move the whole track so it starts at bar 3, everything sounds fine... !!!
    Has anyone experienced the same??
    What can be done about it??
    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Bug in Cubasesx3?

    Amazing! Ive experienced exactly the same thing only recently and ive been using cubase SX 3 for some time now. strange isnt it?

    My only suggestion is that the timing glitches while the program is "preparing" everything that is about to be sounded. I found that adjusting my ASIO settings (the latency mostly) provided different results, and moved the glitch into different places. However if you bounce each track to audio, then pause for a moment before pressing play, it should be fine.

    hope that helps!


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    Re: Bug in Cubasesx3?

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your answer and suggestions. I'll have to try it and see how it works.
    Let's hope that it won't happen too often though... lol
    Thanks again.


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    Re: Bug in Cubasesx3?

    Maybe you've alreday checked this one, but you may find something about your problems here:

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    Re: Bug in Cubasesx3?

    Thanks, engson, I have looked there but I found nothing about this specific problem.
    So until I find the true solution I will stick with my provisional solution of starting the tracks from bar 3...


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