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Topic: KP2 versus KP1 - some questions

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    KP2 versus KP1 - some questions

    I recently upgraded to the KP2. All well.
    Up to then I inserted the KP1 players in Sonar with Opening ALL Synth channels and assigned the various Midi tracks to Out ports 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 etc.
    I wanted to do that with KP2 as well, Opened all Synth tracks, got a bunch of extra tracks, but I don't see where to assign a particular Sonar track to the channels of those synth tracks.


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    Re: KP2 versus KP1 - some questions

    Replying myself.

    Problem: 8 instruments channels 1-8 / KP2
    Extra drum channel assigned to cakewalk drum stuff.
    All channels go to some sort of Main KP2 output (KP1 terminology).
    I found that I can assign them to Output ports, extra lower window.
    The moment I do that, Instrument on channel 8 disappears (silenced).
    I can see the Midi activity, but no sound.

    I cannot find the solution for this one, nor for setting up Sonar in a way I used to do that with KP1. Or any other way the get the distinct channels in Sonar from KP2. I am sure I miss something.


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    Re: KP2 versus KP1 - some questions

    Or must I use a new instance of KP2 for every instrument? In Sonar.


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    Re: KP2 versus KP1 - some questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62
    Or must I use a new instance of KP2 for every instrument? In Sonar.


    You only need 1 instance of K2 for up to 16 instruments. Each instrument in K2 has to be assigned a midi channel. To take advantage of multiple out for sonar you have to open the outputs window in K2. it defaults to 2 stereo outputs and one suround sound. delete the suround sound output and add stereo outs. you then need to click the conf button on the 1st stereo out and set it tp the Sonar in from this window you need to step to each K2 out and set it to next Sonar in. Ignore the restart message when you're done.
    In Sonar set each midi channel to the cooresponding K2 midi in. Save as a multi in K2 so you only do this once

    Hope this helps


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