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Topic: Experiment - Goin' Home.....

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    Experiment - Goin' Home.....

    Just for the fun of it

    experimenting with KP2 I was too lazy to compose another piece so I used an already existing one, made years ago and rendered with only synth voices.

    Now it is full GPO, except the drums.
    Original instrumentation: --> now

    Jazz organ -> Full strings plus Organ
    Vibraphone -> Vibraphone
    Drums -> Cakewalk Drums (Room and Jazz)
    Piano -> GPO Steinway
    Bass -> All C.Basses Pizzicato
    Guitar -> Harp 1


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    Re: Experiment - Goin' Home.....

    Hi, Raymond

    My, this is so different from what we've heard from you before! What a fun experiment, to re-visit an old project and GPO-ize it.

    Mixed in with this laid back bluesy Jazz piece, there are some unusual chord voicings - Some I couldn't quite grasp, so I'm listening again so I can try to follow better. Hmmm, interesting.

    You say the strings are mixed with an organ? - I just hear the strings, and they're not quite working for me. They sound consistently late, like their tracks need to be nudged forward in time a bit? But the keyboard chord comping style of their line doesn't seem quite suited for them, like their part would be best with an organ by itself.

    Unusual kind of lurching feel to this, with unexpected dissonances. You've made me curious about what your original all-synth version sounds like.

    I feel that the drums could be Much louder, they're very buried. Bringing them up would help this rhythm have more cohesion.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Experiment - Goin' Home.....

    All true.... it was just for fun, trying to get "the casp" of KP2.
    See other messages/threads Support and Technical.... I stop using KP2.

    And Randy, it was never my intention to strictly follow the blues chord schemes. In fact it has more or less a chord scheme from one of the Etudes of Chopin (forgot which one).


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    Re: Experiment - Goin' Home.....

    Liked this, Ray, with it's oddly haulting progress.

    It would be interesting to hear the prior synth
    version side-by-side with it... do you have it?

    My best,


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    Re: Experiment - Goin' Home.....

    Thanks folks, but this was just for fun. I do have the original version, completely made with synth sounds (JV1010-Roland). That string section was in fact the sax solo.

    And Randy, jazz soloists almost never start their improvisation right on the beat. Long ago somebody told me this (an instrumentalist in a BigBand) and even had a word for it (forgotten). So I shifted the midi files a bit left and right to get this effect. In this particular piece the choice of strings was wrong, maybe a solo Trombone had been better. But as I said earlier, it was just for fun and for testing KP2.


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    Re: Experiment - Goin' Home.....


    I know this song well...I was feeling it after leaving work today

    Very curious work, unusual and interesting. Nice use of the GPO instruments. Thanks for sharing it with us.



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    Re: Experiment - Goin' Home.....

    Sorry, I mixed up the instrumentation. Being busy with another Jazzy piece I switched (in my mind) the instrumentation. I meant: the Jazz Organ instead of the Sax. For those who are interested how the original version sounded, visit this link. But there is NO GPO involved, it is pure Roland JV1010.



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