I have not used one of my systems for a very long time. When I came back to it I found that there is a slight but very perceptual delay between striking a key on the midi keyboard and the resultant sound. This is true for GPO instruments as well as pianos like BG and Emperor. Because I really do not know exactly how long this has been going on I am not able to correlate with any given updates or other changes I may have made such as MAC OS updates. I am using DP4 and that has been frozen for a long time.

Since this affects both instruments powered by K2 and KP1, I tend to think it may be independent of the sampler engines. What I need is suggestions such as parameters, either in the sequencer or the samplers that can be tickled to affect latency.

I could use suggestions at the most basic level since I have never had to deal much with such problems.

I have not found much help in the DP manual.

SYSTEM: MAC G4 dual 1.25 GHZ processors: 1 GB RAM
Kontakt2 for pianos: K1 player for GPO instruments