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Topic: Capturing audio from Kontakt

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    Question Capturing audio from Kontakt

    Hi all,

    Once I was a satisfied user of GigaSampler LE. I used Logic Fun as a midi sequencing program and WaveLab LE to capture the music I played. As my musical skill are very limited (alas) this setup was sufficient. However, I had a problem: my computer was actually to slow. Running those 3 programs together caused ticks & clicks, even with just a very limited polyphony.

    Now I have a new computer, running Windows XP (Media Center Editon, OEM). GigaSampler LE doesn't run on it, so I considered buying GigaStudio 3 Ensemble. However, according to Tascams website my operating system is not supported, thus I don't dare to order the software.

    Luckily NI have a demo version of Kontakt 2 on their site. I downloaded it and it doesn't seem to have any problem with my hardware + OS. What a great service of NI!!! Pity Tascam doesn't understand the importance of this: being able to try it out before you buy.

    However, I have 2 problems (at last, here are my questions):
    1) Previously (with GS) I was able to select GigaSampler from Logic Fun: (I started GigaSampler, Logic Fun and was able to select it for an instrument). This doesn't work with Kontakt 2. A bit disappointing as GS was much older. Is this really impossible with Kontakt or am I doing something wrong?

    2) Previously I was able to record the music with WaveLab LE. I just selected the Terratec EWX 24/96 mixer and was able to record the output of GigaSampler. This too doesn't work with Kontakt. I get the message that the sample-rate or bitdepth isn't compatible. I've tried several settings, but I actually get the impression that Kontakt is quite possesive of the audio board and doesn't allow sharing it. Is this a known issue? How do you record the output? I guess that many of you want to obtain a wave file of the final result! B.t.w: Audicity gave the same error message.

    Any ideas? Suggestions? Comments?


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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt


    I opened your thread because I wanted to help although I am reading this in an internet shop in holidays.

    But the stopwatch is running and I have no time to decide what actually your question is and what is statement/history/venting.

    If you could repeat your actual question very briefly I will happily try to answer if I can.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt

    Hi Hans,

    Sorry to hear of the problems. Most of your troubles will be solved by upgrading to newer/better versions of programs.

    1. Kontakt and GS run on different levels of the computer. I am unfamiliar with Logic Fun by and large, but you can most definately send midi to K2 from it. (I recommend you check out the new DAWs because they have many improvements, not the least of which is VST hosting. Reaper has a very reasonable registration fee, works great, and has an uncrippled evaluation version.)

    Anyhow, to run K2 as a standalone application (opposed to VST from within the sequencer) and send midi from Fun, you'll need a program called MIDI-YOKE NT. This will create virtual midi ins and outs which you use to link the sequencer output to K2. Select MIDI Yoke 1 as an output on the midi track you want to send. Go into the Setup/MIDI menu in K2 and enable Yoke 1 as an input, look for it in the port/channel selection pulldown on the loaded instrument in K2 and you should be good.

    This will give you audio, and then you should be able to record into WavelabLE, selecting your digital out , "what you hear," or something similar as your source. Also check out Audacity for a recording program.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt

    Thanks for the reply,

    I've downloaded MidiYoke and that works well.
    Initially I had feedback problems, but that appeared to be a known issue with Logic and their web page showed a trick to solve it.

    Also I've found a freeware VST sequencer: "LUNA Free". It allows me to use Kontakt 2 as VST instrument and is also able to capture the audio to a .wav file. However, I'm not impressed with this solution. The GUI is quite clumsy and you need to load Kontakt as a plugin for each instrument.

    So I prefer the Logic Fun + MidiYoke solution.
    Now I'll have to find a way to capture the audio


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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt

    Check out Cantabile or Cantabile Light. It has the ability to capture to audio and will load the VST version of K2. (And I'm pretty sure you can set its midi in to the yoke ports)


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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt

    Windows XP has its own sound recorder. (Programs>accessories>entertainment) Have you tried this?


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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt

    Kontakt should install itself as a plugin (most likely vst for you) so you can use it within any sequencer that supports vst, au, rtas, etc...

    One problem I noticed with the demo is that the basic install only installs the standalone version, but if you go to custom install you can install the vst component so you can use it in your sequencer

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    Re: Capturing audio from Kontakt

    I'm glad to let you know I bought Kontakt 2.

    Using MidiYoke let me play it with Logic Fun (which I currently prefer over using Kontakt as a VST plugin for which I don't have a decent sequencer). Cantabile LE seems quite user unfriendly and limited to me (but I didn't spend to much time on it).

    Capturing the audio still doesn't work (tried Audacity, WaveLab LE, Windows sound recorder). I think that Kontakt somehow disables the full-duplex mode of my sound-card (or the ASIO driver or Windows XP or a combination). However, by physically connecting the audio out with a cable to the audio-in of the motherboard (so another audio-chip) I'm able to record the audio using any of those 3 programs. Of course, I'll have some quality loss, but that is negligible compared to my playing skills ;-)

    So now I'm the proud owner of Kontakt 2. There is so much I have to try out.


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