Two questions while wanting to do something that seems as though it should be simple in Kontakt:

1. Is it possible to either have a Kontakt script call an already existing standard modulation, such as "velocity to filter" so it can be displayed in the Performance View? In other words, if in the basic Kontakt instrument editing interface I set up a filter to velocity mod, can I then in some way make that control visible in Performance View, or do I have to create a script from scratch that does the same thing?

2. If I do have to create a script from scratch and I then load it into Performance View, does the script override the same mod I already created in the basic instrument editing area, or does it use the settings there as a point of departure (is it chained) or would there just be a conflict between the two mods that would cause strangeness\additional cpu use, etc?

And come to think of it, if one does have to create the scripts from scratch, so any controls, mods, effects, one wants are shown in the Performance View, has anyone already created these scripts?