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Topic: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

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    Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    Here is the final movement of my Violin Concerto. I posted the middle movement less than a week ago and am very grateful for the comments I received. It normally takes me an age to knock something together but this final movement came together over the weekend. It provides a lively finale to the concerto and is deliberately Celtic in nature - a response to the fact that several of my listeners have remarked that my music is reminiscent of that genre. The writing has been designed to let the soloist weave in and out (if you see what I mean) but it needs tweaking to get the dynamics right and to really pull it off.


    Please let me know what you think.

    Regards, Graham

    PS It starts off deceptively quiet and kicks in rather suddenly!

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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement


    I have listend and think I will listen again tomorrow. All what I can say now is: I enjoyed it and I like your composition!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement


    I am listening as I type. This is a wonderful work, nice coloring, and definately Celtic in flavor. I like the solo string against the rather dark and mysterous backdrop of sound.

    Thanks for sharing it with the forum.



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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    What is very striking is that all three movements seem to fit one another quite well, and the flow from one to the next is very organic. I've commented before about how much I like the modality, and here is no exception. As a whole, this is a very attractive package. The lyricism that pervades the entire work is very beautiful - quite an accomplishment. There could be more dynamic variation - too many passages seemed to stay at a mf level; still, it didn't hinder my enjoyment. It's just if you wanted to work on the expression/realism end of things, that's where I'd look.

    Great job!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    I don't know about Celtic but it had an Elizabethan air to me, though maybe English music of that time and Celtic music share a common ancestor. I like it Graham. For the rendering, I think you could so some work on those opening 4 measures. If you can get those to be convincing, then everything else that follows will be convincing too. Maybe a bit more attack on the strings? A bit more solo mixed in and out of the ensemble patch? A more agressive strings patch? Some suggestions for you to consider anyway.
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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    What a lovely piece! Just think what this would sound like with real musicians playing the parts. Or... the Strad/Gofriller violin etc. Next level!

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    I like it, well written, enjoyable and effective. With Ron, I think some more dynamics might create maybe a climax before the end...? nice work, Graham

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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    Very Nice! Haunting and Mysterious just like any good Celtic piece should be. There is an emotional and serene quality to that music that you have captured better than some "celtic" musicians I have heard on major labels! Nice job.

    In my very conservative mind, the term "concerto" is used for a piece that really attempts to utilize an instruments full range of sound making capabilities and also challenge the performer to the upmost. I don't know if that is nessecarily you're intention here. Maybe this more of a violin Suite? Also I would like to hear a little more variation of that four note motif, in the begining. I feel like I heard it the same way too often. Maybe in different keys or inverted. I really like the way it tailed off in different ways towards the end. Maybe that could happen earlier.

    All in all very rousing, and very good. You have an instinct for melody and that's not something you can learn. Congratualations on your piece.


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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    I like this Graham. I don't know if it's Celtic or elizabethan or whatever, it just sounds nice. I like low notes. I think it is double bass, right? Anyway nice job.

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    Re: Violin Concerto 3rd movement

    Gunther: Thanks for listening. I'm glad you enjoyed the composition.

    Gary: Thank you for your kind words. I gave the soloist a lyrical role to contrast with the more atmospheric background in each of the three movements - but any success in bringing this off is more luck than judgement!

    Ron: per our private messages, the nature of this movement is largely due to an earlier comment you made about a folk influence in my writing. This idea provided inspiration and focus for this movement. So thanks for that Ron. I do need to look at dynamics but didn't want that to interfere with creativity at this stage.

    diligamus: Thanks for listening and for your helpful comments. The opening bars are very important in this as it introduces the theme. I'll work on getting that spot-on.

    Del: Thanks. Guess what I hope to buy soon?! Just waiting for the viola so that I can get all three!

    Roberto: Thanks for your comments. A bit more excitement towards the end of this is worth looking at so I'll give that a go.

    Matthew: Thanks for listening. Your comments are greatly appreciated. The repeating motif was part of the plan to give the piece a bit of drive - but I love the idea of introducing a bit of variation. I'm sure that won't be too difficult and might help me to develop a few more ideas.

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