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Topic: Very Dry Taikos needed

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    Very Dry Taikos needed

    I am helping a very high profile client who wants to play taiko samples from pads live and they will be playing in big halls so he wants samples that are as devoid of ambience as possible. He did not like Stormdrums at all.

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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    Well, you could try those from YellowTools (needs their sampler engine). They are quite try, but of course something huge like a taiko needs some natural space (ambience). And they are quite great .... (at least for my taste ....) -> you should be able to hear them in one of the demos on their website - Independence demos.

    other than that - Battery 3 has some taikos, there is a World Library for Kontakt that has some - but for both I do not know how they are (how detailed, articulations, etc.) and of course VSL VI ....

    hope that helps


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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    There is a world lib for Mpc that has very dry taikos.
    Check out Futureproducers I think?
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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    I have heard that there is a new library coming out called Tsaiko Drums. I believe it is coming out in the next week or so and has a lot of dry taiko.
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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed


    Google was not being helpful at all with "Tsaiko drums", but being a bit inventive with words and urls I found the website. It seems very interesting and a good, solid product. However with no demos, can't really tell.
    Any idea on when the demos will be up?

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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    well, for Taikos I would not take culture but Independence. I have both - like both, but for taikos Independence is better. (also see a forum thread on yt forum from around November 2006)


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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    Doru Malaia.
    Dry and very real sounding. And the price is very low for what you get.

    But ... you'll have to compile the lib. as they are .wav forms only.

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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    Is Doru Malaia still available? Anyone ordered from their site recently? Looks like it hasn't been updated in a while.

    Also, Sean, do you know anything more about Tsaiko Drums? Did a google search, but didn't come up with anything.

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    Re: Very Dry Taikos needed

    Ever tried changing the settings in StormDrums? There are lots of parameters that can be changed.
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