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Topic: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

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    Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    Hi PPl,

    I'm going to build new DAW witn Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 and I need a MOBO for it ....
    I want to get ASUS or GIGABYTE with Intel P35 chipset but I need information:
    Which one from You has one of them and know that there is a Texas Instruments Firewire controller onboard ????

    like GA-P35-DS3P which I know has it.

    Any reports about the stability of the GIGABYTE P35 MOBOs woill be nice too.

    Or maybe I should go for Intel P965 chipset mobos - it's a newer chipset as I know ??

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    Asus bad gigabyte and Intel good


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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    I've been using GigaByte boards lately. I had hardware issues with the last couple of ASUS boards.


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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jcschild
    Asus bad gigabyte and Intel good

    Intel=best. Their RMA service is fast.

    I wonder if there is an over production of hardware that name brand doesn't always mean everything. I know one place that stopped selling Gigabyte boards because of quality. Now I see 2 posts saying Asus is bad.

    For the first in my life I had to RMA a hard drive and it wasn't a month old.

    I guess it's getting hard to trust any brand these days.

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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    Hi, I just bought the ASUS P5K-E MoBo with the P35 Chipset. I always bought ASUS MoBo in my life and never got any problems so cannot tell anything about their support and service.

    It is a pretty new board so the BIOS is only at his 3rd version. I was expecting problems but it seems to be pretty stable for now. I bought it for the Intel ICH9R Storage Controller that allows internal RAID0 (or 1 and 5 if needed.)

    I have one 500GB for OS/Apps and 2 x 400GB in RAID0 for samples. For now, everything runs flawlessly.

    The board as 2 external SATA2 ports that support RAID and 2 FireWire ports.
    I still have a lot of tests to do with all audio apps but it seems stable for now.

    The only negative point about the board is the position of all connectors. They make some connections messy and are difficult to reach, specificly the IDE (PATA) connector that is too far from the DVD tray.

    BTW, be aware of the ASUS MoBo with only the JMicron JMB363 chipset if you need RAID. It only supports RAID with External hard drives! It has to be the Intel ICH9R to have internal RAID.

    I will let you know if have find any other problems with the board.

    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    bear in mind i ship 800 systems a yr!
    i see alot more than any DYIer does...

    i used to love Asus but i have had it with them at this point.
    DOA boards, boards dying on the bench after 2 days, having to repaste the heatsinks due to heat issues, RMAs coming back that are still not fixed or even doa (of course this is rather common with serveral) i could go on and on....
    i will try them again next yr to see if its improved.


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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    I can't run additional HD's on the computer I'm typing from right now because of a problem with a RAID 0 problem on an ASUS board .... The board was only a couple of months old , and the Promise controller died a couple of days after the Raid configuration was done ... No more Asus for me ....I never had issues with earlier Asus boards....QC is questionable here ..Intel while costly, has a lot to offer , and is a dependable board ...YMMV ..Jim

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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    Intel doesn't make a P35 board, but let it's top tier friends release some.

    Intel boards are definately mission critical. Strictly the meat and potatoes.

    865,875,965, and 975's are excellent choices.

    Asus, Gigabyte, etc. all make good products. But they release their motherboards, like NI, and Tascam release software. Meaning, us forum dwellers usually point out the bugs for them, and hope they fix them. Tascam released an upgrade for me that fixed a duplicate ID bug w/ GVI 3.63. I was shocked at the speed of their support. It helps to contact another developer to find a solution though. Plogue contacted them and the 2 figured out that running multiple VSTi's under Bidule that used the same GVI based engine was the problem. I now run several VSTi's from K2 based, and GVI. Nice.

    But Intel has a huge R & D budget where quality control reigns supreme. The other guys always have to fix their mobos w/ BIOS updates, etc. You never see Intel doing that. But watching a certain site where tweakers OC the hell out of newly released products is what I do. I will be straying from Intel for the first time in 10 years. I need to use the well proven P35 chipset so I can have massive content live using the LAA 3GB switch.

    I will also be OC'ing for the first time ever. The E6850 / DFI Blood Iron will do exactly what I want it to do for audio.

    I will report back on it's sucess.

    Several large libraries and VSTi's will be used in a 32 channel MIDI set up for live work. I am confident this will suceed.

    So It Shall Be Written, So It Shall Be Done.

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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    Intel most definately makes several P35 boards!
    and now the X38


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    Re: Calling all mobo with Intel P35 chipset users !!!

    I have always had good experiences with MSI boards. I just ordered the components for a new DAW (also Intel Quad 6600). I picked the MSI P35 Platinum Combo mainboard, that can have DDR2 as well as DDR3 memory. I start with 2 Gb DDR2 800 (around 50 euro I believe) and upgrade to faster memory when it becomes cheaper.

    I am very curious if this board will do OK, just like my current DAW and 3 GigaStudio PCs!

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