hey everyone!i'm a producer,artist.i'm willing to upgrade my studio.currently i'm using Dynaudio Accoustics BM-15A's as my monitoring source,Echo Layla 3G soundcard,Rode K2 Tube microphone on pc core 2 duo..i've researched on some things but before i make a buy,i need reviews frm my fellow musicians in here..i'll be releasing my debut album worldwide so i need the best possible rig.i'm thinking abt buying Adams Audio A7 nearfields wid Sub 8,Focusrite Liquid Channel as my Tracking interface,Studiologic Vmk161org as midi controller keyboard,......so far so gud..m having problems in deciding the sound card,i was thnking abt AD-16x wid x firewire card + mini DAC but m not sure if i'll be able to hook external reverb or other processors cuz i'll hav only two outputs from mini dac?i was also thinking abt some DSP cards like Duende,Powercore firewire,UAD extreme pack,spl monitor controller n tc-halicon voice one...need ur advice