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Topic: Night Shift

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    Night Shift

    Ever went to bed early when working with GPO? For those who stay up late at night, this maybe some relief:

    Night Shift

    It is all GPO, except the drums which are Cakewalk TTS-1.
    Originally this piece had a sax solo, but in GPO there ain't no sax, so I amended the score a bit for the trombone. Finally a trombone solo!!!

    And think of it, this is just for fun. Working on KP2, I took that old BIAB composition and tried to make it work. No success, so I reverted to KP1.
    With a little "ambience" sound, for me it is like a "life performance" with all those stupid pitch bends of the Tbone.

    Enjoy it or reject it, I don't care. I already had great fun making this.
    Randy, this is not what you expect from me. I am also a big band fan.


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    Re: Night Shift

    This is great, Raymond!

    I have had much fun by listening and enjoy your work! Very Cool!

    My Best

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Night Shift

    Thank you Gunther (is it Gunther or Günther?)

    One day I'll have the JABB. Now I must start with my "long planned but not yet realized" symphonic poem [with Overture].


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    Re: Night Shift

    Raymond, I've tried three times throughout the day to make your MP3 play for me. But my usual trick of using the Esnips MP3 widget has failed me--For whatever reason it's not working for me this time. The Esnips player itself NEver has worked for me -but until now, auditioning the widget gets the file to play.

    Well, I'll try again tomorrow--Just wanted you to know, I Am trying to hear what you have you up!

    (ever consider using the oh-so-simple and reliable Box.net as an alternate way to post?)

    Randy B.

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    Re: Night Shift


    Very cool piece and nice production. It works well with the trombone as soloist. I had the same problem and did buy the JABB to get the saxes.



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    Re: Night Shift

    It is indeed fun Raymond and I thought the reverb all worked perfectly to make it sound like we really in a hall of some kind. The trombone solo rendering was great -- I couldn't hear a single thing I'd want to change about it. Is that your own voice at the beginning? It fits in perfectly. Splendid!
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: Night Shift

    It never ceases to amaze me how versatile GPO is in the hands of proper virtuosos.

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    Re: Night Shift

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    (ever consider using the oh-so-simple and reliable Box.net as an alternate way to post?)
    No, I will. Is it just Randy or are there others with eSnips problems?

    Yes, it is my voice and thank you all for the nice words. It was great fun making this for "The Great GPO". I added Applaus from TTS-1 and made some "ambience noise" with my lighter, paper, remote control of the DVD player, rubbing my hands, ticking with my teeth against a drinking glass.... etc. Mixed it all in Audition.


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    Re: Night Shift

    Very Cute Raymond.

    Very light hearted, even frivolous.

    I enjoyed listening to it.

    Loved the "busy-ness" of it

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    Re: Night Shift

    Raymond! Thanks so much for getting this up on Box, for the benefit of my under-powered computer - It could help some other Esnips-challenged folks too.

    WOw--You are certainly right that it's not I would expect from you, Raymond - though your last "experimental" posting prepared me a bit.

    I am Very impressed - with the music, your performance, and the recording. It all sounds great!

    The GPO Trombone solo--Really well done - I would've thought that was a JABB Trombone (they sound more realistic than GPO's when doing an A/B comparison). You've done such a wonderful job playing it - "all those stupid pitch bends" and all. That's the kind of MIDI controller use that can make these instruments come to life so well. Excellent.

    You used an Ambience setting for this? Fairly wet with one of the Jazz Club presets I would imagine--Sounded superb.

    One small technical note - the little smatterings of applause throughout - I kept wondering, "why is someonee crinkling cellophene up close to the mike once in awhile?" - I had a hard time identifying the sound as applause. I know it's the least important thing in the recording, but I want to pass on some tips about the applause: It's the sound of too large a crowd, like in an Opera House, while the Jazz is playing in a medium sized club. And the EQ has been thinned out too much so the high end is too emphasized. More of the mid and lower range is needed to sound natural. It also might have more reverb than the instruments - that could be the sample though.

    "Night Shift" is great fun - Another super addition to the growing Jazz scene here in The Listening Room. I approve heartily!

    Thanks much, Raymond - and also for helping me out with the Box posting.

    Randy B.

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