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Topic: Upgrading DAW.

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    Upgrading DAW.

    I am thinking to replace my old DAW (P4/3GHz) to newer PC (multi-core processor), but I am concern about all the hardware & software registration & authorization troubles due to different system ID.
    Right now I have Creamware Scope, UAD-1, NI products, East West products, GPO, Stradivari, Nuendo2, GVI, Ableton,…….. and last but not least, my windows XP.
    Need advice for those who already gone thru this.....


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    Re: Upgrading DAW.

    I have had no trouble transfering licences from one computer to another.
    The only minor hassle was with Microsoft as it was about my 5th time but they did it.

    If you're that concerned just call the companies direct or email them and see what they say.

    You really won't have a problem.........

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    Re: Upgrading DAW.

    You didn't mention the specs of your old machine in terms of actual age, number of hard drives, ram, etc. If it is still in decent condition, would it be worth keeping it, and using it as a slave for some of your libraries?

    Just a thought - may or may not be feasible.


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