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Topic: GVI memory usage

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    GVI memory usage

    Been trying to get GVI to use available memory when in a host set for the 3gig switch (LaTiDo) Everything else is working fine, VSL etc. but GVI just hits the wall with 1.5 gigs left available. Really a bummer since I can actually get more banks loaded in G3 on the same machine than with multi instances of GVI.
    I wish Tascam would address the issue. I contacted them but the tech I spoke with was completely dumbfounded. I found myself having to explain everything over and over again and he still didn't have a clue.

    Anyone else trying to run GVI inside a host along with VSL using the 3gig switch?

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    Re: GVI memory usage

    If you run gvi inside a vsti host, I think its the host that manages the memory, not the vsti. At least that's my experience running gvi, k2, and jabb using Sonar as the host. But I don't do it under xp32 with the /3gb boot.ini switch... I use xp64 instead which for 32-bit apps is like having a /4gb switch. I do use latido to patch Sonar64's 32-bit host loader which is Bitbridge.exe. And I can get about 3.3 gigs of 32-bit vsti samples loaded on my 4 gig system.

    Another way to do it is to run gvi standalone outside the host. Then you'd need to patch the gvi exe or dll itself since it would be acting as the loader. You probably also want to use a midi router like bidule or midi-yoke so you can play them within your sequencer. I don't do it this way myself so I'm not an expert on it. But I hear folks talk about running multiple gvi instances this way without bothering with latido patching and loading 2 gigs per instance.


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    Re: GVI memory usage

    Try-------------- planetz-------------------- synthetic88 works for Tascam, and frequents there often.

    GS4 will shed new light on using XP in 32bit mode, with new code, and memory options.

    Catch him before the AES show in NYC.

    I use multiple VSTi's, and GVI in Bidule .095, and use the GS3 DAW also. I prefer a dual DAW approach. Originally intended for a redundant spare, but after 2 years of shows w/o a single crash from either of the DAW's, I love loading everything and staying on my 88's. As I am not paid to stare at my LCD's, but perform. I also use hardware sequencers for their 100% stabilty as well. I do own several VST based apps, but have yet to find one w/ 100% stability. Most were developed for recording where crashes are tolerated, but at my gigs, those dogs won't hunt. Pro Tools, and Scope which are DSP based systems are 100% stable and can be found on major tours, as well as VST based apps. But DSP is the way to go, especially if you like 32bit integer summing. But VST is so cheap and economical. At least we all have choices to base our purchases on.

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