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Topic: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

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    Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel


    I've reworked one of my Piano pieces into a piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel
    I think it might be a bit repetitive--so curious for constructive feedback. Also, would like to finalize this as 'Electronic' classical music--sort of mixing Techno and Classical. Will probably need to work with Sonar for this. Might have to jack up the volume for this piece
    Available here:

    Also, my "Two William Blake Songs" for Soprano and Piano are posted on the same site--but they are sung by humans not GPO


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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    Hi, Dan "lesotho72"

    I don't recall ever hearing a piece posted here which was done entirely with tuned percussion - that makes it unusual just for that little factoid.

    More importantly, this piece wove a very vivid and unusual kind of magic around me. It's full of slightly mysterious passages and interesting rhythms. I kept expecting it to break into polyrhythms, then realized no, I'm not going to be abe to predict what Dan actually does.

    The restraints you put on the Tympanist finally erupts into a nice emphatic, "HEY, I'm going to finally BEAT this thing!" kind of ending.

    Intersting site too - I've never visited the Society of Composers' site. Maybe you could tell us a bit about the group?

    And thanks for the posting.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    Hey that sounds nice and very, very interesting.
    Can we also hear sometime the piano version? You made me very curious.
    Never heard such combination and you did a good job, for sure.

    Nice of you to have posted this. Another musical teaching.......


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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    Well I certainly understand where you're coming from with the concept of "Electronic classical music," because I hear many things in this track that I normally associate with early techno, especially the way the low notes on the celesta are used as a percussive effect, with the attack sounds forming a sort of crunchy rhythmic foundation. Not ordinarily the kind of music I seek out to listen to, but I was definitely entertained.

    I'm a bit puzzled by your remarks about this tune though. Being "electronic," is it meant to stay this way and never be performed? I could understand that, since you've clearly gone out of your way to exploit some of the quirks and idiosyncrasies that come from working with samples to create the unique sound of the piece, but I still wonder if that was the intention?
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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    Thanks for listening and for the feedback!

    Randy--"Society of Composers" is an organization that sponsors composer's concerts across the country. They also make a comprehensive 'Call for Scores' list available monthly. Lastly, they allow members to set up web pages for free--the web page can contain up to 4 scores and mp3. Also, when you subscribe you get a free CD--they have their own recording label. It's quite inexpensive--think I paid $25/year as a student. Strongly recommended

    Raymond--I wanted to post the piano version but when I save the audio file I get a huge amount of static. This happens pretty often. Any tech recommendations on how to get around this would be appreciated

    Suspenlute--Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant--for this version--the "techno" version of the piece it was pretty much finished. Would certainly like the regular piano version to be performed. Guess this version could be performed by just pressing the play button! There are a few parts which need to be tweaked--though not sure how. Right now it's the "raw" audio file from Finale/GPO. Probably need to edit this output file. But not really sure how to do that. Seems like Sonar is a candidate.


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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    This is interesting. There are parts of this, particularly close the beginning, that remind me of Wendy Carlos’ “Beauty in the Beast”.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    I'm not entirely sure why -- the contextual elements and techniques
    are quite different -- but I kept thinking of Charles Wuorinen's work
    while listening to this, Dan.

    "Techno" is far off the paths I generally beat, but I found this work
    engaging and fascinating... which went directly against my preconception
    when I read the ensemble. I'd expected it to become rather wearing;
    but quite the contrary, this thoroughly kept me intrigued, interested...
    and guessing the next measure.

    Great job on this!

    My best,


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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel


    I think your piece is tremendously fascinating. I really like pieces that wander in and out of a tonal center, which I thought you achieved with great aplomb. If your final goal is to reorchestrate this piece with some techno synths, I the result would be pretty cool -- I can definitely hear it. Meanwhile, I think this particular instrumentation does the piece justice very well. Great job and good luck with it.


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    Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    Thanks all for the comments. I've listened to a bit of Wuorinen (hard to listen to more that 'a bit of ' Wuorinen ) and his music is interesting. I like some of the percussion works--though most of his music is pretty challenging to follow
    I looked into Wendy Carlos' and liked her music--also saw (s)he was born in RI so I feel a certain kinship. She did the music for Tron--cool stuff.

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    Thumbs up Re: Reworking of piece for Celesta, Timpani and Glockenspiel

    Wonderful work, Dan, i agree with all the good things they are saying about this. It's awesome!


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