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Topic: Garriton Big Band Newbie Question

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    Garriton Big Band Newbie Question

    Hello, thanks for your time, I have purchased the above and am using it with Sonar Home Studio XL. With my silver edition orchestra loaded once I can assign many instruments and use them from the same loaded instance.

    I can't seem to do that with the garriton Jazz library. I have to load and instance of it for each instrument I want to use. Is there a way to load multiple instruments at one time and use them with only one loaded instance of Garriton? My memory is filling quick having to load an instance per instrument. Hope I am clear here and thank you!!

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    Re: Garriton Big Band Newbie Question

    Hi jrnioa,

    Yes, you can load multiple instruments.
    Are you running the Kontakt Player 1 version or Kontakt Player2?

    With KP1 it is possible to load 8 instruments per instance. There are eight slots at the top, which correspond to channel inputs 1-8 of the instance. Select a different empty slot at the top before you hit the load button.
    With KP2 you can load 16. Just double-click the patch in the browser window and it will be added in.


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    Re: Garriton Big Band Newbie Question

    ahhhhh....thank you!

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