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Topic: Gofriller Cello: OH. MY. GOD.

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    Gofriller Cello: OH. MY. GOD.

    I just installed it, thinking it was going to be a big to-do to make it playable, and boy was I in for a surprise. You just open it up and start playing... and BOY is it amazing. I watched the visual demo on the Garritan site to see the guy playing this cello in realtime, and I thought "there's no way it could be that easy" -- yet 5 minutes later, I'm sitting here doing exactly that. It's the most expressive, realistic cello I've heard yet.... awesome, awesome work, Garritan guys. I'm really impressed.

    - Kerry
    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: Gofriller Cello: OH. MY. GOD.

    Hi Kerry,

    long time no see! I hope you are well.

    I too have Gofriller and I got it a month or 6 weeks ago and I love it!

    I have agree with you that it is so easy to get good results and that distinctive and beautiful sound.

    Garry and co have done a fantastic job on this and I can see more Orchestral instruments getting this kind of sampling.

    A superb library and one to be in everyones collection.


    And now also at Flickr!



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