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Topic: Chant and Madrigal for Band

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    Chant and Madrigal for Band

    If you have about nine minutes or so, I'd be pleased to have you check out a live performance of this piece, which I orginally did in Fin/GPO, of course. It can be accessed via my website at:


    Hope you enjoy


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    Re: Chant and Madrigal for Band

    Hello, Dean "Choral Conductor"

    Yes I had 9 minutes to hear some good music, and that's exactly what I got--Very nice recording of some excellent music.

    It took me awhile to find this at your site - It's not on the page you posted the link to. I snooped around until I found it. To post a direct link to the MP3 would yield the most visits and listenings - perhaps you can do that?

    And don't worry about the double post. I'm in the process of having the double deleted from the Forum.

    You said you developed this in Finale - I Know it would be very interesting for people here to take a listen to that version if you have it rendered as an audio file.

    Thank you very much for jumping in to The Listening Room--It's an honor to have you here!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Chant and Madrigal for Band


    I love writing for band/wind orchestra as well. This is great writing, really well though out, well measured, disciplined and nicely performed. I took the liberty of copy the link to the mp3 for others to find it easier.


    Thanks for sharing it with the forum.



    P.S. I would love to hear it produced using the GPO and or Marching Band LIbraries. Send me the Finale file and I will do it for you.

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    Re: Chant and Madrigal for Band

    Thank you guys ... and also thank you for dealing with the double post and getting the link business fixed. I think I could dig up the Fin file and post it too, if there is interest in it. Some of the sounds are missing in it because my computer just couldn't handle all of the perc. work. But, it might still be instructive.



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    Re: Chant and Madrigal for Band

    Dean, it's always a special pleasure to hear a "live" performance,
    here; and I'm certainly pleased I had the nine minutes for this one.
    With all our skill and technology -- there's still nothing like the
    "real deal". A fine performance [my compliments to the conductor]
    ... in the hands of live players this piece is a real gem. Much


    My best,


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