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Topic: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

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    Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Hi folks,
    Just composed a 2nd voice over "Bluesette", a nice little Jazz Waltz Theme. As a Viennese the Waltz should be in my blood ;-))


    Enjoy it,

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Nice ... care to share how you did it? ... Brought back some memories ...

    Ott Horn
    Jasper, Tennessee




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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)


    it reminds me of the old recordings from Les Paul, done with the old bandmachines... . I like it!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Great chart and feel. The solos are terrific but I'd like to hear it without the
    trpt/flug on top of the guitar. This tune has such nice changes and in my biased opinion, two parts can't really do them justice. A true contrapuntal second voice would be interesting.
    Waiting for more of this genre'.


    Do you know the question to this answer? 9-W

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Hello, Sandra "sash71"!

    Is it the recent increase in Jazz pieces here in The Listening Room that finally inspired you to post some music? Because this is your first offering, and it is So accomplished, you're obviously both a seasoned composer and home musician - why have you been hiding?

    Love this recording Very much. This one needs to be handy for repeated playings, it's so smooth, swinging and - just great!

    Please fill us in about the mounting of this project. What are the Garritan instruments you used? Are you primarily a Guitarist? - Tell us what's happening with you, Sandra!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Quote Originally Posted by germancomponist

    it reminds me of the old recordings from Les Paul, done with the old bandmachines... . I like it!

    Gunther picked up the same thought I did about Les Paul. Well Done!

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Thank you all for your compliments - and for the inspiration of a conrapuntal 2nd voice. That`s what I wnted to do anyway, but maybe I was too lazy ;-)

    Well, for you "rbowser": I`m a professional guitarist. I studied at the Vienna Conservatory "Jazz Guitar" and "Instrumental Pedagogic" (?).

    I used the Fluegelhorn, which I chose, because I`m extending my Quartet to a Quintet and so I rearranged a couple of songs for the Quintet with the Fluegelhorn/Trumpet - to have some Demos for the guys to listen to. I played it through a Guitar with Midi Pickups on and that works really nice, because all the Vibrato and Bending goes with it, I don`t have to do any corrections in Cubase anymore.

    The pianopart is a mixture of Midi Guitar, Midi Keyboard and some editing in Cubase (I`m not such a great pianist). I used the Steinway. The Bass went through my Midi guitar as well.

    Well, the drums are from Band In A Box`S Real Drums. I did some cutting for the Trade 4`s, but I`m not too satisfield with them. They sound great, but the Trade`s would have better worked with the JABB, because I have more controll then.

    Greetings, Sandra

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Sash71, this is great. Bluesette was one of the first jazz songs I ever learned and I have always liked. Nice guitar work. I like the flugehorn the way you used it.

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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Hey, nice development from the old method to the jazzy tempo. What a wonderful instrument the Electric Guitar is, don't you agree? Now the piano plays his solo, good reverb, and nice. Are these little pauses on purpose, to get a unexpected syncope? The first one stroke me, but the other ones were right in place. Ends....... great!!!!

    I studied at the Vienna Conservatory "Jazz Guitar" and "Instrumental Pedagogic" (?).

    What is the last one? Some classes to learn you that a sax only is for making music and not for slamming someone on the head???


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    Re: Bluesette (Jazz Quintet)

    Hallo Sandra!

    This is a real delight to hear! It is the meeting of Brazil and Vienna!
    Thank you for posting and I hope to hear much more from you here soon!


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