In Cubase, wenn I click on Devices/VST-Devices, the installation of VST Instruments for the current project works fine with Steinberg Plugins. Personal Orchestra also appears in the dropdown menu but when I click on it, nothing happens but a short audible activity of the system. I have already contacted Steinberg's and NI's support, I have de- and reinstalled exactly suiting the NI supporter's advice - with no result. Last night, I have installed Cubase and GPO for a test on my office computer (WIN 2000) and everything works fine. When I click on GPO in that same VST devices dropdown menu, the kontakt player opens. Anybody here who works with the same features and has solved this problem? If you work with GPO on MAC and Cubase without problems, would you be so kind and tell me in which folders your GPO files are to be found? I think I need not mention that I have the newest versions of any driver.