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Topic: Reverse stereo channels?

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    Reverse stereo channels?

    NI Akoustic Piano has a nice feature that lets me reverse the L & R stereo channels, so that when I play back a piece the high key samples are coming out of the left speaker and the lower notes are coming out of the right. This simulates a musician on stage facing the listener, rather than the reverse (which is how it would sound if you were listening from the musician's perspective.)

    I am wondering if it is possible to do this with other libraries (for example, the organ and harpsichord instruments in Garritan Personal Orchestra). I am using NI Kontakt 2 in Cakewalk Sonar 6 PE. I am wondering if any of the features in either one of these applications would allow me to swap the channels, to create the illusion of a single keyboard player with multiple keyboards, facing the audience. Any ideas?

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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    It might be cumbersome, but if you're left with no other option, you could bounce the instrument to audio and manually reverse the channels. If your sequencer can't do that, most audio editing programs can (i.e. Peak, Adobe Audition)


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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    You might be able to do it using a Kontakt script. There may be one already that performs this function, but I'm not sure.

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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    You can use the inverter in Kontakt 2 as a group or instrument effect and swap the channels.
    Ben N. Moore

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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    Are you talking about piano? From the audience there is no stereo separation of keys in the slightest. Actually, there is almost no stereo separation even from the players perspective. Why some piano samples come with a massive stereo spread of notes is puzzling.

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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    ...especially when they sometimes do a lousy job of collapsing to mono. From my tests, only Ivory and Galaxy do a decent job of this..

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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    The need is not so much to literally recreate how this would sound live, as to suggest it and give some separation to the various voices.

    I am using NI Akoustic Piano (which was the highest rated piano VI in Keyboard magazine's most recent article) and placed it with its stereo image at center, with the L & R channels reversed. Many of the other instruments that are panned left are bass or tenor in range, so I didn't like the piano bass there as well. Reversing the L & R channels makes it sound more balanced. It just sounds a little better, so I wanted to do the same for the other keyboard voices in the piece.

    I knew that I had read somewhere that this was possible, but I couldn't find the reference or remember how to do it when I wanted to. I think the Kontakt Inverter is what I want. I'm going to give it a try.

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    Re: Reverse stereo channels?

    Von is correct.
    There is only (lows left) and (highs right) when the piano is mic'd inside the piano. This is a very common mic setup in a studio setting where other instruments would otherwise bleed into the piano mics. Many engineers are willing to sacrifice micing the piano from outside the lid, to gain isolation. Having the luxury of raising and lowering the tracks of the piano without affecting the sound quality of the other instruments is a tradeoff, but certainly worth it.

    In an orchestral setting (concert hall) the piano is indeed stereo as is everything really, but there is absolutely no separation or distinction audibly to hear low notes and high notes from different locations. This holds true for Harpsichord also.

    Garritan's Steinway is going to have a number of choices for mic positions. This will make placing the sound of the piano in a recording very natural, depending on the music recording style,.... live, studio etc.

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