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Topic: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

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    GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    I have Cubase Studio 4, Kontakt2, and GPO, on a Mac with OS 10.4

    I've installed the VST (I can see it in the folder alongside the Kontakt VSTs), but Cubase doesn't include it in the Devices. I've checked the Plugin Info, and this lists the Kontakt VSTs, but again doesn't include the GPO VST.

    I can get to GPO via Kontakt, but would rather use it directly.

    Any advice?

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    Hello, cjsandow

    What you described is just as it should be.

    GPO is a collection of instruments, a library of orchestral instruments - But they need a sample player to be loaded into and played from. That's what Kontact is. You can't have GPO playing on its own without its playback engine - Kontact.

    Why do you find that a problem? - Think of Kontact as GPO - because that's the Only player that can utlizie the GPO samples.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    Ah, thanks, I think I see.

    But...what is the GPO VST for, then? (Sorry, I have a geeky need to understand these things -- and I wouldn't want to miss anything that might prove useful!)

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    Hello again, cjsandow

    "...what is the GPO VST for, then?..." It's the version of GPO using Steinberg's VST standard which can play inside of Kontact. There is also a DXi .dll file of GPO designed for use inside programs like Sonar - however, it ironically turns out that the VST version is more stable inside Sonar. That point doesn't effect you, however, since you're using Cubase.

    You said "...I think I see..." So maybe the picture isn't quite totally clear to you yet. Let me try again:

    --Have you ever used Sound Fonts? Those are sound samples which are widely used because free Sound Fonts can be found easily on the internet. But those SF2 Sound Font files can't be loaded directly into Cubase without some kind of Sound Font file player - SFZ being the most common, since it's also a free program. That's exactly like GPO sounds needing Kontact.

    Or have you used any of the free soft synths one can find online? They always consist of an audio playback engine which is visualized with a GUI (graphic user interface) through which various sounds can be played. Those sound programs are unique to each soft synth - They always have a file extension which is unique to that particular synth, and so those sounds can't be played inside another soft synth. Again it's the same thing--There are always two components: The plugin playback engine and the set of sounds it can play.

    Part of your confusion is because the playback engine is more often developed by the same company that designs the sounds. But in the case of GPO and all of the Garritan Libraries, a business partnership exists between two companies - Garritan, and Native Instruments. Garritan created the sound samples, but they didn't also develop their own sample player - they worked in partnership with Native Instruments which developed special versions of their Kontact Player to be the sampler which can play the Garritan sounds.

    How's that? - Now - go forth and make great music!

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    "...what is the GPO VST for, then?..." It's the version of GPO using Steinberg's VST standard which can play inside of Kontact.
    Ah, I thought it might be something like that. Ok, thanks very much, I think that settles my questions for now!

    (By the way, "Dorian" is a neat idea!)

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    ...nope, still struggling, but this time I have something more concrete!

    As well as GPO, I have the full version of Kontakt 2. In Cubase, it is the full version of Kontakt that appears, not the GPO version. I've been reading Tom's sticky on using GPO with the full version of Kontakt, and apparently it would be better to use the GPO version.

    So...how do I get Cubase to see the GPO version of Kontakt?

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    Hello again, cjsandow - I've noticed Tom's sticky tute about using the full version of Kontact, and he does make it sound like there are a number of serious issues. But on the other hand, seems like a number of Forum members use the full Kontact 2 to play GPO and they get along OK - They must have worked out the problems?

    Meanwhile, assuming you've done the routines of registering your programs through Native Instruments, you just need to make sure (as with all programs) that the VST .dll files are in the right program folders. The Kontact files need to be in Cubase's VST folder. I think that's all you need to do.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    Hello Randy,
    I think I have the same problem as cjsandow only that I use SE 3 on an ibook G4.
    (see my posting
    http://northernsounds.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55509 )

    I understand his problem in the way that GPO appears in the VST Instruments list but when you click on it it doesn't open. Not by itself, of course, but the contact player should, and it doesn't, which prevents loading the desired sound into the vst rack. On my PC (even with WIN 2000) this works fine, but on the MAC - no. (My files ARE installed in the right folder!).

    I have contacted the Steinberg support on that matter and they tell me that they cannot check it because they haven't got a copy of GPO.
    That is ridiculous.

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    Re: GPO VST and Cubase Studio 4

    (Yes, that is ridiculous!)

    I don't have quite the same problem. GPO does not appear in my VST instrument list at all. I am fairly convinced that this is something to do with having the full version of Kontakt 2 installed, but the only way to prove it would be to remove both Kontakt and GPO, and then reinstall GPO only. As I have a working system at the moment, I don't really want to risk that! (I get the impression that you can't use GPO at all, whereas I can access the GPO library via my full version of Kontakt).

    Not that this helps you in any way, of course.

    By the way, the VST plug-ins for Cubase are in Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST (the path from the root of the Mac hard-drive, not the one in the Users directory).

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