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Topic: gpp 3 piano pedals

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    Talking gpp 3 piano pedals

    well after waiting for my purchase for 6 weeks the pedals finally arrived and I must say great product besides piano pedal control but also other cc functions mod wheel, breath control many many more . Also the action is very good and construction is solid. I havent used it with the Strad and Jabb but I'm sure it is a good compliment.

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    Re: gpp 3 piano pedals

    Hi Ranger,

    I would like to know if every pedal can work as a damper pedal or all of them work as an on/off switch.

    Thank you so much in advance.

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    heres a link for the pdf you get all the info

    there a 2 switch and one continuous pedals its great to have your hands free to other functions

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