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Topic: Sonar pedal settings - vs. KP2

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    Sonar pedal settings - vs. KP2

    Last night I already noticed it, but did not investigate it any further (no need), but this morning I wanted to add Pedals in the Staff View and the Pedal symbol stayed grayed. Has this anything to with KP2, which is already configured for some instruments and the Midi Automation already has some assignments?


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    Re: Sonar pedal settings - vs. KP2

    I withdraw the question. Even without KP2 the Pedal symbol in the Staff view stays gray..... stupid of me not to think about that experiment in the first place...... Question remains: why no Pedal adding possible?


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    Re: Sonar pedal settings - vs. KP2

    Found it. In Staff view layout I had to check Pedal...... somehow this was unchecked in a blink of an eye........ and I didn't notice this.
    Thank you folks, for not answering Forgive me, stupidness is creeping in.... it is saturday... I'll need some vacation..... or is it ?

    Raymond - LOL

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    Re: Sonar pedal settings - vs. KP2

    LOL! - That is one of the best self-conducted Q&A's I've seen in quite awhile.

    Yes, you need to get more rest, Raymond. One rather needs to Select a command in Sonar or any program before it's available as a tool.

    Your friend,
    Randy B.

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