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Topic: Setting GPO instrument vols in Logic

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    Setting GPO instrument vols in Logic

    I've asked before and I'm going to ask again: Is it possible in to set the volume on GPO instruments permanently so that they don't have to be reset everytime I open Logic? There once was a subset of GPO instruments that could do this. Thanks
    Mac OS10.4.8, Logic 7.2, GPO 1.1.8

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    Re: Setting GPO instrument vols in Logic

    Tom: I've downloaded this update twice and both times I've unzipped I get the message

    "An error occurrred attempting to expand "GPO108U_OSX-install.zip'. The archive may contain damaged content."

    I have GPO version 1.1.8 -- is the a later version that will keep the volume of the GPO instruments in Logic up?


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