Hello guys
I’m trying a purchase a new Boot drive for Power PC Mac dual G5 2.7 GHz ( early 2005) ? All my audio and music samples I’m running from 4 bay ( sata ) exterior hot swap enclosure with Lycom card so my boot drive will be clearly for OS X and applications ( Pro Tools Logic ,NI and many others)
I have done big research and I was considering wide variety of hard drives - From WD Raptors 74 and 150 gb ,Seagates,Maxtors to Htachi’s.
So finally I‘ve sorted out choices for my boot drive
to - Hitachi T7K 500 GB
- WD Caviar SE16 500 GB or WD Caviar RE 2 500 GB
- Maxtor Diamond Max 10 or Maxline III ( 300 GB )
In Amug review they were not really happy with Hitachi T7k 320 GB inside mac pro on internal bus ( without host adapter)
But that is Mac Pro - I have Dual processor so it might be different- )
Lot of people are preferring both kinds of WD Caviar.Some are cheering for maxtor drives ( those are preferred in bare feats reviews http://www.barefeats.com/boot02.html )

So basically my question is which HD out of those earlier stated would work best in my particular kind of MAC without PCI - X card or another words what kind of boot drive are you guys using with your dual G5.
I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a feedback as far as what drive would be the best choice.

Thank you very much for your time