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Topic: Moving GS to another machine?

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    Moving GS to another machine?

    I'm in the process of moving over from VSL to the Vienna Instruments. When I have I won't have many native GS libraries left, so I was thinking I'll use the machine that i currently my GS machine for some of the VIs, since it has a terrabyte of drives. Then I'll buy a smaller machine to hold my GS libraries.

    The problem is I'm aware that the registration of GS is specific to the machine. Is there any way to install it on a different machine without months of arguing with Tascam about whether I'm trying to swindle them out of the cost of a side-license?

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    Re: Moving GS to another machine?

    I can't foresee there being much resistance on Tascam's part when it comes to moving gigastudio to a new computer. When I switched my gigastudio machine, I simply called the Ggiastudio support line and was guided through the new registration process. Not a big deal.

    Hope you don't get hell from Tascam, since what you're doing is perfectly legitimate!


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