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Topic: 2nd Violin sounds flat

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    2nd Violin sounds flat

    Does anybody else's 2nd violin sound a little flat? It's only the KS instrument. I can change to using the short bows or lush instrument and it sounds fine, so I don't think the cents adjustment in the player is the problem. I would really like to use the KS instrument but I don't dare because it sounds out-of-tune with everything else.

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    Re: 2nd Violin sounds flat

    P.S. I forgot to mention it's the 2nd violin section, not the solo strings.

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    Re: 2nd Violin sounds flat

    Raising the second violins KS sections sound 7 cents in the player makes most of the notes in tune here.

    I usually use GOS strings, and I remember along time ago that some of the violin sections in GPO were flat relative to A 440hz, I just didn't remember which.

    Your ears have seved you well.


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    Re: 2nd Violin sounds flat

    This is indeed interesting. Ray in Stirling was insistent that the violins in one of my pieces were flat. This may be why. I will look into this.

    Dan, 7 cents you reckon?


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    Re: 2nd Violin sounds flat

    7 cents sounds good here,


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    Re: 2nd Violin sounds flat

    Thanks for that. I will try it tonight. I was trying to tune the cents with the knob, which seems to only go 1 cent at a time. But maybe I can type in .07 instead.

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    Re: 2nd Violin sounds flat

    Thanks for the tip - .07 cents seems to do it. I also found out that you hold down the shift key and drag the mouse to adjust in fractions of a cent.

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