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Topic: GPO and Sibelius reinstall & update

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    GPO and Sibelius reinstall & update

    Hello everyone -

    I'm running GPO and Sibelius on Win XP, 2GB ram, 80 GB hd.
    I write for standard orchestra: WW - Brass - Perc - Strings, with Harp and/or Glock occasionally. Once in a while, chorus.

    Three weeks back, the violas stopped sounding in Sibelius playback, though they still sounded in GPO.

    I deleted & reinstalled Sib; - went just fine, but the violas were still dropped out on playback.
    Deleted & reinstalled GPO; - also went just fine - then did the updates. Screwed up the first two attempts, then wrote down the sequence by date form the NI site. Third time's the charm, the updates went smoothly.

    Now opening the GPO desktop icon & clicking on "native instruments", the versions are: Software; Library 2.0 .

    But: formerly in the Section Strings KS, the yellow KS keys went down to the appropriate C, now they don't. That C was the way I got bowed sound from the KS strings. If this is the way it's supposed to be, I now have to load Sus & Short as well as KS, which gives me 10 string staves, boosting the staves to about 32 on a page.

    On the other hand: I read Michael's reply to Samantha Penigar (GPO KP2 UPdate, 8/27) about copying from the original cds to the GPO KP2 Library folder. My GPO KP2 folder has "Presets" and "User Patches", but no Library folder.

    So: am I missing something (not for the first time); or am I better off just reinstalling and skipping the updates?

    David Lawrence

    --OK, 5 minutes later, I tried clicking on the low C, & low and behold, bowed sound! --Sorry guys. - I just didn't expect unmarked keys would work for the KS instruments.

    --OK, 1 day later, the KS sounds operate when I first load them, but when I save the session,close the program, & later open & re-load, they don't work.
    Tried downloading the small file that copies .nks files from the cds to KP2 from the KP2 Update html, but it wouldn't download. -- I take it that small file is really necessary. Help!
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