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Topic: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

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    My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    OK. I admit it. I did actually purchase a copy of Kompakt, PLUS a copy of the dreaded Cubase SL, just so that I could check out the 24 bit dvd of the pmi bos. Nothing but BIG headaches polyphony wise. Didn\'t perform ANYTHING like my trusted Gstudio 96. (Folks that have been around here for a while will know that I\'m not associated in any way with Nemesys.)

    So, after upgrading to Win xp and putting about 800 bucks into my hardware to run all this Kompakt-related software I decided that my old Gigastudio was WAAAYYYY better. So I ate turkey and tried to reload it. Of course, I can\'t get anything to happen, all on account of WIN XP isn\'t all that compatible with the original Gigstudio 96.

    So I email tascam/nemesys for help to get this baby up and running. It\'s been quite a while and NO HELP. So.....



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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    Hello John,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble installing Giga. The problem is not your fault. The original installation CD for GigaStudio is for Win9x/ME only. Not to worry, though. Here\'s what you do:

    Go to the Tascam Giga downloads page at

    1. You need to run this first on your XP machine. It is not a patch, but a full installation og Giga96.

    2. Once you have it installed and registered, you can then apply the most current update, which is version 2.54.00. You can find that one here:

    They have links to \"update procedure\" and \"special notes\" documents, but they are presently broken. Basically, you just need to do the two things above.

    Hope you get it going soon.


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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    Hey, I\'ve \"been there, done that.\" I can supply the CD key, no prob. But to get the reg. key you have to get the program to run, at least, to run enough to pull the reg key off the program. But I can\'t even get that far, cause I can\'t get the program to install even that far. But I\'m sure going to give it another college try. I\'ll report back.


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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    hey john-

    i was dealing with the same problem a few months back. i can\'t remember exactly how i came up with the solution, but i do remember calling tascam and i got the # from them after giving them a few details about my previous info over the phone. you can register again online, but you won\'t receive an email with your reg# a second time kind of a pain and i\'m sorry i don\'t remember the details, but i hope this helps a little.

    good luck.

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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    Yup, it looks like I will have to call them, although I dont\' get why they don\'t just answer my emails!


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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    Yes, just get to them by phone and make them get you registered properly or to email you the update. Email tends to drop through the cracks at many companies I have found.
    If you get no results, send me a PM.

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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    Hey John, I\'m not sure where it went on the new Tascam website but you need to go into the registry to totally rid yourself of giga... There was a whole document on how to do it.
    Especially if u had giga installed on a 98 system and upgraded to Xp, there are still giga elements hiding in there...

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    Re: My beloved GStudio 96 and Win xp!!!!

    I remember doing the registry thing once, a long and arduous journey!


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