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Topic: Basic Question about GPO

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    Basic Question about GPO

    I would like to know if GPO plays randomly different recordings of the same half tone or if you have to put every vitalizing difference by program changes. Other distributors write about this point in their ads but on the Garritan site I didnt find anything about it. Could someone give me a link?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Basic Question about GPO

    Hi Igomad,
    GPO does not have the feature you described of cycling through samples of the same note, often referred to as Round Robin. The rationale for this is size; GPO was designed to be capable of being loaded completely into RAM, and extra samples would take up required memory space. However, it has two variance control knobs which greatly help to increase the diversity of notes. One allows a degree of randomness in the pitch, and the other adjusts subtle timbre changes. They are midi-adjustable and greatly improve the sound.

    Hope this helps,

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