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Topic: midi signal is now gone??? vota?

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    midi signal is now gone??? vota?

    system was running fine.
    installed VOTA utility 2.0.3 and now midi is gone. oddly enough, i got it to work once by onpening the performance tool for vienna, then the vota utility then giga studio. but today when i fired everything up i\'m not getting any midi signal in GS.

    using a midisport 2x2 which shows midi signal in coming from the midi out of my delta 1010 being triggered by nuendo 2.x

    since installing the vota, when i fire up GS the midi loop indicator is flashing (the small keyboard below the cpu meter). i\'ve tried checking all my midi settings and everything seems to be set where it needs to be.

    anyone every have anything like this?

    much thanks

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    Re: midi signal is now gone??? vota?

    now the aliens have come back and midi is working again. very strange. cheers.

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    Re: midi signal is now gone??? vota?

    Are you using WinXP??? If so , when you turn on WinXP you always need to wait about 2 minutes in order to make it able to receive midi datas - then you open the software... this is the alien´s rules!!!

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    Re: midi signal is now gone??? vota?

    you are indeed correct! obrigado if you\'re in brazil and thx if you\'re in the u.s. just got back from rio myself. cheers.

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