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Topic: DLL question in Finale with GPO and KP2 2.2.3

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    DLL question in Finale with GPO and KP2 2.2.3

    I have a bunch of KontactPlayer2.dll files in my FinaleVST directory, and I am wondering if any of them are "duplicates" (with all the updating that's been going on lately).

    I have:
    KontaktPlayer2.dll (32,148 kb)
    KontaktPlayer2_8out.dll (60kb)
    KontaktPlayer2_16out.dll (60kb)

    So as you see, the first one is a HUGE file compared to the other two.
    When I mouse over them, they ALL say "", although the last two have a date of creation as "27/08/2007" while the first one has "25/04/2007".

    What exactly is the difference between these three files?

    The funny thing is Windows says that the two files with the "created 27/08/2007" date ALSO say "date modified 03/08/2007"... in other words, they were modified before their creation??????

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    Re: DLL question in Finale with GPO and KP2 2.2.3

    They are not really duplicates, Michel.

    They are VST plugins with different numbers of Audio output channels.

    KontaktPlayer2.dll has 32 mono/16 stereo channels,
    KontaktPlayer2_16out.dll has 16 mono/8 stereo channels and
    KontaktPlayer2_8out.dll has 8 mono/4 stereo channels available for output.

    You can safely remove KontaktPlayer2_16out.dll and KontaktPlayer2_8out.dll from FinaleVST, since Finale (2007 - probably the same with F08) only recognices KontaktPlayer2.dll (Finale can only utilize one (1) stereo output channel anyway).

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    Re: DLL question in Finale with GPO and KP2 2.2.3

    OK, I removed those 8 and 16 channel (or whatever) .DLL files, and put them in a back-up directory... and guess what?
    Now FInale 2008 properly recognizes all the Garritan instruments coming from older (ie: Finale 2006) files... I mean, it still says it doesn't recognize the player (since they ask for the KP1), but soon as I open the VST setup window, the KP2 player is fine and now has all the right libraries loaded.

    I guess we can chalk this up to another of NI's stupid ideas about how the client SHOULD be doing the update of their programme?

    Funny that the addition of those files would cause Finale to get confused and no longer recognize the Garritan Instruments for Finale nor the Finale Edition GPO. As soon as I removed them, the problem was fixed.

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    Re: DLL question in Finale with GPO and KP2 2.2.3

    I am guessing the Finale libraries aren't allowed in the _8 & _16 plugins - just as they aren't allowed in the stand alone.

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