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Topic: Using GPO with Cubase 4

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    Using GPO with Cubase 4

    I am having a problem with the Mixer when using GPO with Cubase 4.
    When I load 8 instruments in the Kontact player with their corresponding outputs 1/2 through 15/16, everything comes up on channel 1/2, so that I do not have control of the individual instruments in the mixer. I have followed the procedures that are outlined in the excellent Tutorial by Steve Deckett, but this does not seem to solve my problem. This Tutorial was written for GPO with Cubase SX2.

    I also cannot figure out how to load the Garritan Ambience program.

    I suspect that there is some simple procedure that I need to follow to make everything work properly, but so far I have not been able to figure out how to do this.

    I will appreciate any help that anyone can give me.



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    Re: Using GPO with Cubase 4

    haha, I have read this after my posting. It seems we have exactly the same problem!

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    Re: Using GPO with Cubase 4


    What are you using to input the MIDI notation in Cubase? I use Cubase SE3 and input all notation by mouse. I never change the outputs in the Kontact Player (KP) I only change the MIDI channel to correspond with the MIDI channel I have chosen for the particular track in Cubase.

    I bounce eack MIDI track to audio to give me control over EQ, VST's etc.

    With GPO it is possible and practical) to assign more than one instrument for each MIDI channel (use a separate MIDI track for each one, assign the same MIDI channel number in both Cubase and KP, then use the Prg number in the Cubase trackto point to the required instrument).

    Do you have the Ambience .dll file within your Vstplugins folder? (on PC usually c:\program files\steinberg\vstplugins)

    To load Ambience as an overall reverb, simply load it as a VST in one of the inserts in the main input/output bus. You can also insert Ambience in an FX track (my preference). This enables you to route Ambience as a send to any (or all) track(s). The advantage of this is that you can vary the amount of reverb on any particular track to give a better impression of distance from the listener within the stereo field.

    Hope this helps. Please give me a shout for any further detail if I can provide it .

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