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Topic: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

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    Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    Hi all,
    A friend of mine just told me he got crazy glue on his new-ish 22" LCD monitor, and it is now dry.

    Does anyone know a way to reverse such a tragedy without destroying the screen?

    Nail Polish remover? Lighter fluid? I don't know of anything for removing dry crazy glue, let alone something to do it without damaging an LCD screen. I think the chisel should stay in the toolbox for this one....

    Ideas? Experiences?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    I wouldn't try nail polish remover, most likely it will destroy the surface and it might not even remove the glue. Even the chisel might be a better option than any chemicals.

    Freezing is the best thing that comes to mind. Check the storage temperatures for the display. Freezing it shouldn't do any harm to the display as long as it isn't on but the glue might snap off. Don't blame me if it doesn't work or if the display breaks.

    Also contacting companies that repair TVs and such might be a good idea.

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    Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    Hi Belbin,
    Maybe try contacting the manufacturer directly for help.

    tony h
    tony h
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    Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    There is super glue remover (I don't think that's the exact name, but its something like that). Very possible that it could do damage to the screen, but he might not have another choice.. like you said, the tools should probably stay in the toolbox for this one.

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    Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    I would:
    I.....Get information
    ..A..Contact the monitor manufacturer
    ..B..Contact the glue manufacturer
    ..C..Tell the monitor manufacturer anything the glue manufacturer suggested
    II....Prepare to apply the advice I have
    ..A..Create a clear work area on a Table
    ..B..Reserve double the amount of time I estimate the task will take
    ..C..Pick a small glue spot that is in the least important area
    III...Test suggested method
    ..A..Assemble all tools and materials
    ..B..Reassess whether the test spot is the place I will try to remove
    ..C..Try to remove the tiny portion of the glue
    ..D..If successful, remove the remaining glue
    IV...Inform manufacturer(s) of the effectiveness of the method they agreed on
    ..A..Contact monitor manufacturer
    ..B..Contact glue manufacturer if necessary
    ..C..Assess with the manufactures whether a different method is needed
    ..D..If necessary, do steps II-IV again.

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    Cool Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    Superglue remover is made from acetone and will eat plastic.

    If all other options (if there are any) are exhausted, and it it were me, i would do the superglue remover, but with extreme caution. When allowed to sit on the superglue for a little while (and usually with multiple applications of it) it will begin to soften the superglue into a rubbery state that can be peeled off. If were to attempt this, i would use a very small artist's paintbrush and be very carefull to apply only to the surface of the glue. But while i post this info because not aware of any other method for removing, i cringe at the thought of it.

    I hope some will have a way that will avoid this desparate measure.

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    Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    As a retired chemist, I have the following suggestions:
    1./ In one of the very corner of the screen, using a Q-tip touched into acetone,( not soaked, just damp), I would touch the surface and having an other,dry, Q-tip in my hand, I would immediatly soak up the aceton. Examine the spot. If no change detected, repeat on the same spot, leaving the aceton on for 1 or two seconds then wipe again and examine again. If no change detected, proceed to a small spot, and try to apply the acetone only on the glue, using Q-tips again. Because of the very fast evaporation of acetone, you would have to work fast and accurately. Depending on how thick the glue-spot is, it will take a long time and repeated application of acetone to soften the glue. After a while the glue may start to soften and could be scraped with a plastic knife. It would be smart to phone the manufacturer and find out if the screen is solluble in aceton or not, before trying this method. NO SPARKS, NO SMOKING and good ventilation.
    2./ Not knowing what size of glue-spot we are dealing with, I assume that it is at least as large as a dime. If so, I would take a copper wire, apply crazy glue to the wire JUST AS WIDE as the spot, and glue it to the top of the spot. After the glue set, try to pull on the free end of the wire and see if you can peel the spot off.
    The first method is dangeorous (to ruin the screen and if your friend is a smoker create an exposion and fire), the second may succeed because during the manufacture of plastics, some release agent is used which may remain on the surface of the screen making the crazy-glue bond less than perfect and allowing the pull to succeed.
    So, I would try 2./ first, ( the closer you can get to the edge of the spot with the wire, the better your chances.)
    Please do not blame me if this does not work, this is only what I would try if I were your friend.

    your friend

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    Re: Very OT: Crazy Glue on LCD Monitor. Suggestions?

    Thanks all, for the suggestions.

    Unfortunately, my buddy was impatient and tried something stupid before I could get your ideas to him. He has marred his screen very badly.

    Lessons learned:

    1) Patience is a virtue.
    2) Never attempt to puncture the tip of an unopened tube of superglue whilst sitting at your computer desk. IF you must do this, point the tube away from your monitor while puncturing!

    Thanks again,

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