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Topic: Help with QuickSound and startup problem

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    Help with QuickSound and startup problem


    I just re-installed GS3 on a newly built computer. I am running 3.21 and the following is my hardware configuration:

    SATA 80G drive ( for OS and applications ) as C: and E: ( 40G each )
    SATA 500G drive ( for samples ), as F:
    AMD Athlon 64 5200 ( @.6GHz ) dual core.
    2GB RAM
    ASUS mother board

    The problem is, when GS3 starts up, if the QuickSound panel does not show F: and E:, anytime I try to load the gig files from F: onto a channel will crash the application. Of course, the QuickSound panel does not show any gig files at all. If I use QuickSound configuration tool to rebuild the database, GS3 crash immediately.

    The problem is very erratic as one time during start up, it builds the QS database and everything runs fine. When I restart the application, the QS panel cannot see E: and F: and fails to load anything, ie try to rebuild/load will crash the application.

    The success rate is, I'd say 1 out of 20.

    Would anyone please kindly help ?


    ps. My previous system configures as follow:

    Intel P4 1.7GHz processor
    ASUS mother board
    40G IDE drive hosts *both* the application and the samples ( I have only 2G samples on the old machine )
    756M ram

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    Re: Help with QuickSound and startup problem

    BTW, both machines run XP SP2


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