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Topic: Structure LE and Structure Free

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    Structure LE and Structure Free

    Hi All,

    I received an email from Diginews today, and thought it maybe of interest to some of you ouit there...

    ''Structure Spawns Two New Siblings — Structure LE and Structure Free
    Structure™, the professional sampler workstation for Pro Tools® that redefines the art of sampling, is getting some creative company. Digidesign® is excited to present two new members of the Structure family — Structure™ LE and Structure™ Free — that both offer an affordable way to venture into the world of Structure.''

    However the link does not seem to be working at the moment?


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    Re: Structure LE and Structure Free

    It is working here now and I am downloading Structure Free as we speak.

    BTW, this is a terrific sampler and it will read some other file formats like EXS24.
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