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Topic: Playing more than one instrument at a time in Cubase

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    Question Playing more than one instrument at a time in Cubase

    as on my ibook, GPO doesnt work with Cubase SE 3 (as already resultlessly posted), I have installed the both for a test on my office PC (Nickie, you will be satisfied, huh?)
    Here, I have been able to put GPO into the VST-Rack and record and play sounds as far as the Cubase SX tutorial reaches. More: My bright brain has now even achieved to record two different instruments in two tracks.
    My problem:
    I can't do anything about the volumes in the Cubase mixer; I have to put it for each instrument on the volume button of the kontakt player. That is not very convenient and I suppose there must be another way. The tutorial doesnt mention this.

    Besides: Why do I have to put them both on channel 1? The one which I would put to channel 2 or something is not audible.
    Thanks for your help

    Something else - for the effects in the Mixer Out slot, there is no Garritan Ambience showing up in the dropdown. That's not so bad because there are other effects but I would like to know how I could use them.

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    Re: Playing more than one instrument at a time in Cubase

    Thanks for your response to my inquiry. Since we both seem to be struggling with the same problem, I hope that someone will come to our rescue.

    Everything seems to revolve around the KIPPO channels and it is very frustrating because there is absolutely no reference to KIPPO in the Garritan literature or the Cubase 4 literature. The only thing that seems to shed some light on this is the Tutorial 1 by Steve Deckett, but unfortunately it does not solve the problem because it is written for SX2 and everything does not work for SX 4.

    What I need is a new Tutorial specifically written for Cubase 4 with GPO.

    If you manage to figure this out in the meantime, please let me know how it is done. I will do likewise if I can manage to figure out the situation.

    Good luck!


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