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Topic: GCMB and CPU Load (MAC)?

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    GCMB and CPU Load (MAC)?

    Greetings all,

    I've been enjoying the various new demos created by the new Concert/Marching Band Library. I wanted to ask if any of them were done directly from Finale or were most of them done with a sequencing app.

    How does GCMB impact CPU load? I purchased the JABB library last year and I'm sorry to say that it's been sitting on my shelf because it just overloads my Mac G5 with more than just a few instruments. I'm back to using Reason (which is very CPU efficient) with soundfonts for mockups of big band/concert band projects.

    Any observations would be welcome.


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    Re: GCMB and CPU Load (MAC)?

    Hi, Eric

    We're going to be moving your question to another area, either General Discussion, or one of the tech Forums. You'll have a better chance of getting the replies you're looking for in a location other than this one. This Listening Room Forum is specifically for members to share their Garritan generated music projects.

    Thanks for joining in, and we'll see you at your thread's new location.

    Randy B.

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