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Topic: Recommend Keyboard(s)

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    Recommend Keyboard(s)

    I am new to the board so please excuse if the following has been answered
    although i have searched the forum..

    I have a Roland A90 Midi Controller which is quite heavy and i am looking
    for a lighter alternative to play the strat live in our gigs.. I am looking at several keyboards and would like to hear about your experieces...'s ....

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    Re: Recommend Keyboard(s)


    Have a look at CME, UF or VX series. All of them support both expression pedal and breath controller inputs, which is great for real time playing of expressive instruments such as the Stradivari, and beyond.


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    Re: Recommend Keyboard(s)

    I was contemplating a CME board as well. When I asked about it in a major music and audio shop in Shanghai (I'm married to a Chinese lady), the proprietor outright warned me against CME. He remarked that he was a good friend of one of the guys behind CME, and that they always argued about quality vs price point; in short, the shop proprietor thought CME quality was low.

    Browsing various BBs, I have got a similar impression from many problems posted – mechanical and software related.

    For an example, go to this KVR thread:

    <http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=186962&start=0&postdays=0&postorde r=asc&highlight=>

    I guess you may be lucky, but for a gigging board I'd look closer at Novation's ReMote SL range (unless you need more than 61 keys). I don't own one myself (yet) but all reports praise build quality, sophisticated programming options and excellent semi-weighted key response and a friend who is a music shop owner (not in Shanghai, in Uppsala, Sweden) recommends them as quality products.


    Best regards and good luck,

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